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$PSScriptRoot in PowerShell – Get full path of executing script

$PSScriptRoot automatic variable in PowerShell Contains the full path to the script that uses $PSScriptRoot variable in the script or command. $PSScriptRoot is one of the automatic variables which is read-only and its values are assigned when the caller is a script.

In this article, I will explain about $PSScriptRoot automatic variable in PowerShell and its information.

PowerShell PSScriptRoot Empty

PowerShell PSScriptRoot is empty if it is used outside of PowerShell script or caller is not script or command.

Let’s understand PowerShell $PSScriptRoot empty with below command

PS D:\PowerShell> $PSScriptRoot

PS D:\PowerShell>
PowerShell PSScriptRoot Empty
PowerShell $PSScriptRoot Empty

In the above script, as PSScriptRoot is not invoked by script or within any command, hence its value by default is empty or null.

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$PSScriptRoot variable in PowerShell

PowerShell $PSscriptRoot contains the full filesystem path of the directory from which the current script or command is being executed or run.

Let’s understand PowerShell PSScriptRoot with an example, run below command

PS D:\PowerShell> Get-ChildItem -Path $PSScriptRoot                                                                     

    Directory: D:\PowerShell

Mode                LastWriteTime         Length Name
----                -------------         ------ ----
d-----       24-10-2020     19:17                Excel
d-----       17-07-2021     15:15                FTP-101
d-----       05-10-2020     21:14                Zip
-a----       04-10-2020     14:40             51 ActiveDirectoryGroupList.csv
-a----       24-10-2020     19:15             29 complist.txt
-a----       24-10-2020     20:08            118 comppingstatus.csv
-a----       04-10-2020     12:29           8579 Employee.xlsx
-a----       03-07-2021     17:01            961 print-spooler-service.ps1
-a----       05-10-2020     21:01        2775006 vscode-docker-master.zip
PowerShell PSScriptRoot Automatic Variable
PowerShell PSScriptRoot Automatic Variable

In the above PowerShell Get-ChildItem command, the $PSScriptRoot variable is used within the command. It gets the full path of the executing script parent directory.

In PowerShell 2.0 version, the PowerShell PSScriptRoot variable is valid only in script modules (.psm1). It’s now valid in all scripts.

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PowerShell PSScriptRoot automatic variable contains the information about the directory in which the script is being executed and its value assigned if it is used within script or command.

There are other automatic variables like $Error in PowerShell which contains error information if raised in script execution.

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