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Get-MsolAccountSKU – View Available Licenses for Each Plan

To get the summary information about your Microsoft Office 365 tenant licensing plans, use the Get-MsolAccountSKU cmdlet in PowerShell.


This command returns the licensing plans for your organization. The Get-MsolAccountSku command returns all the SKUs for a company.

In this article, we will discuss how to use the Get-MsolAccountSKU command to retrieve information about AccountSkuId, Active Units, and Consumed Units, and export the get msolaccountsku information to a CSV file.

Get-MsolAccountSKU Syntax

   [-TenantId <Guid>]


โ€“TenantId parameter specifies the unique ID of the tenant on which to operate. The default value is the tenant of the current user.

How to Get Company SKUs

To get the company SKUs, use the Get-MsolAccountSku cmdlet in PowerShell.


This command returns a list of SKUs.

The output of the above PowerShell command to get company SKUs is:

Get-MsolAccountSku - List of All SKUs
Get-MsolAccountSku โ€“ List of All SKUs

The Get-MsolAccountSku command returns the AccountSKU objects that contain the following information.

  • AccountName: the name of the account this SKU belongs to.
  • AccountObjectId: The unique ID of the account this SKU belongs to.
  • AccountSkuId: The unique string ID of the account. This ID is used when assigning or updating the licenses.
  • ActiveUnits: The number of active licenses.
  • ConsumedUnits: The number of licenses consumed.
  • ServiceStatus: The provisioning status of individual services belonging to this SKU.
  • SkuId: The unique ID for the SKU.
  • SkuPartNumber: The partner number of this SKU.
  • SubscriptionIds: A list of all subscriptions associated with this SKU.
  • SuspendedUnits: The number of suspended licenses.
  • WarningUnits: The number of warning units.

How to Get Microsoft 365 Services Available in License Plans

To view the details about the Microsoft Office 365 services that are available in your license plans, run the following command.

Get-MsolAccountSku | Select -ExpandProperty ServiceStatus

In the above PowerShell script, the Get-MsolAccountSku command gets all the SKUs and pipes them to the Select command to select the ServiceStatus available in the Office 365 license plans.

The output of the above PowerShell script is given below.

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-MsolAccountSku | select -ExpandProperty ServiceStatus                                       
ServicePlan                       ProvisioningStatus
-----------                       ------------------
MESH_AVATARS_FOR_TEAMS            Success
VIVAENGAGE_CORE                   Success
VIVA_LEARNING_SEEDED              Success
Nucleus                           Success
ContentExplorer_Standard          Success
CDS_O365_P2                       Success
PROJECT_O365_P2                   Success
DYN365_CDS_O365_P2                Success
MICROSOFTBOOKINGS                 Success
KAIZALA_O365_P3                   Success
MICROSOFT_SEARCH                  Success
WHITEBOARD_PLAN2                  Success
MIP_S_CLP1                        Success
MYANALYTICS_P2                    Success
BPOS_S_TODO_2                     Success
FORMS_PLAN_E3                     Success
STREAM_O365_E3                    Success
Deskless                          Success
FLOW_O365_P2                      Success
POWERAPPS_O365_P2                 Success
TEAMS1                            Success
SWAY                              Success
INTUNE_O365                       PendingActivation
YAMMER_ENTERPRISE                 Success
RMS_S_ENTERPRISE                  Success
OFFICESUBSCRIPTION                Success
MCOSTANDARD                       Success
SHAREPOINTWAC                     Success
EXCHANGE_S_ENTERPRISE             Success

The following table shows the Microsoft 365 service plans the their friendly names for the commonly used services.

Service planDescription
TEAMS1Microsoft Teams
RMS_S_ENTERPRISEAzure Rights Management (RMS)
OFFICESUBSCRIPTIONMicrosoft 365 Apps for Enterprise (previously named Office 365 ProPlus)
MCOSTANDARDSkype for Business Online
Get-MsolAccountSku Friendly Name

How to Get Microsoft 365 Services Available in Specific License Plan

To get Microsoft 365 services that are available in a specific license plan, use the following command.

(Get-MsolAccountSku | where {$_.AccountSkuId -eq "shellgeeklab:ENTERPRISEPACK"}).ServiceStatus

In the above PowerShell script, the Get-MsolAccountSku command returns all SKUs and pipes them to the Where condition to check if a AccountSkuId is equal to the specified licensing plan and retrieves all the services available in the plan.

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How to Export AccountSKU Information to CSV File

To get the list of SKUs that the company owns, use the Get-MsolAccountSku cmdlet. This command will return a list of SKUs. To export the account SKU information to a CSV file, use the Export-Csv cmdlet in PowerShell.

 Get-MsolAccountSku | Export-Csv -Path D:\accountSku.csv -NoTypeInformation

In the above PowerShell script, the Get-MsolAccountSKU cmdlet retrieves all SKUs and pipes them to the Export-Csv cmdlet. The Export-Csv command uses the Path parameter to specify the location to export account license plan information in the csv file format.


I hope the above article on how to use the Get-MsolAccountSku command to retrieve detailed information about licensing plans is helpful to you.

You can find more topics about PowerShell Active Directory commands and PowerShell basics on the ShellGeek home page.

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