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Find AD Groups I Am Member Of

If you want to find out what AD group am I in or members of ad groups, there are different ways to get active directory groups using PowerShell.

In this article, I will explain the best possible way to find an active directory group I am in or a member of ad groups using PowerShell.

You can get a list of ad groups you are a member of using ADUC ( Active Directory Users and Computers), PowerShell Get-ADUser, Get-ADGroup cmdlets, and the command-line tool.

Find AD Groups I am a Member Of using ADUC

Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) is a GUI approach to find active directory groups you belong to.

Follow the below steps to use ADUC to find ad groups

Step 1 – Open ADUC using dsa.msc command in Run.

Step 2 – Click on the Users folder having all users in it.

Step 3 – Select the user name to view ad groups member of.

Step 4 – Right-click on the user account and click β€œProperties”.

Step 5 – Click on the β€œMember of” Tab to view ad groups.

what ad group am i in
Ad Groups User belongs

Get a List of AD Groups of User

If you want to get a list of ad groups users belong to using PowerShell, run the below command.

(Get-ADUser toms -Properties MemberOf).memberof | Get-ADGroup | Select-Object name

The above PowerShell script uses Get-ADUser cmdlet to get a list of users in the active directory with memberof property and pass user objects to the second command

The second command uses the Get-ADGroup cmdlet to get a list of ad groups the user belongs to and displays the ad groups names on the console as below.

Group Policy Creator Owners
Domain Admins
Enterprise Admins
Schema Admins

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Find Out AD Groups I am in using Cmd

To find out ad groups I am in using the command line, use gpresult the command-line tool to get the resultant set of policies of a user in the active directory, Run the below command.

gpresult /v

Above command in command prompt, get set of policy applied for a given user. /v option is to get detailed verbose information as below

gpresult - find ad groups am i in
gpresult – find ad groups am i in

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I hope the above article to find out ad groups I am a member of or user belong to is helpful in finding your ad groups.

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