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PackageManagement Module -PowerShell

The PackageManagement module is a PowerShell module that provides cmdlets for managing the packages. It acts as a bridge between PowerShell and software package management systems, making it easier to install, uninstall, find, update, and search packages.

Packages are software components that are typically distributed in a compressed format and include all files and dependencies required to install and run the software.

The PackageManagement module can be used to install, uninstall, update, register, and manage packages from a variety of sources such as Windows Package Manager (WinGet), Nuget, and Chocolatey.

In this article, we will discuss about PowerShell PackageManagement module and cmdlets available to manage the packages.

How to Install PackageManagement Module

The PackageManagement module is included with Windows PowerShell 5.0 and later releases of PowerShell. However, to install it on older versions of PowerShell, run the following command.

Install-Module -Name PackageManagement

The above PowerShell command asks you to install the module from the `PSGallery`, select Yes to install to proceed further with the installation of the PackageManagement module.

How to Check the PackageManagement Module Installed

To check the PackageManagement module installed in Windows, use the Get-Module cmdlet in PowerShell. If the PackageManagement module is available, it will return information such as ModuleType, Version, Name, and ExportedCommands.

PS C:\> Get-Module -Name PackageManagement   

The output of the above PowerShell script checks if the PackageManagement module is available and displays its information.

Check PackageManagement Module is Available
Check PackageManagement Module is Available

How to Import PackageManagement Module in PowerShell Session?

To import the PackageManagement module in a PowerShell session, use the Import-Module cmdlet The Import-Module command takes the module name PackageManagement and imports it into your PowerShell session.

Import-Module PackageManagement

What are the Commands Available in the PackageManagement Module?

The PackageManagement module has support for a variety of commands to manage software packages. You can use the Get-Command command to check all of the available cmdlets in the PackageManagement module.

Get-Command -Module PackageManagement

In the above PowerShell script, Get-Command returns the list of available cmdlets in the PackageManagement module.

PackageManagement Cmdlets
PackageManagement Cmdlets

PackageManagement Module Commands

Here are some basic commands to get started with the PackageManagement module.

  1. Find-Package: Search for packages in available repositories.
  2. Find-PackageProvider: Discover and list available package providers.
  3. Get-Package: List Installed packages on the system.
  4. Get-PackageProvider: Retrieve information about installed package providers.
  5. Get-PackageSource: Display the list of package sources.
  6. Import-PackageProvider: Import a package provider to make it available for use.
  7. Install-Package: Install a specific package from a repository.
  8. Install-PackageProvider: Download and install a package provider.
  9. Register-PackageSource: Add a new package source to the list of available sources.
  10. Save-Package: Download a package without installing it.
  11. Set-PackageSource: Update settings for an existing package source.
  12. Uninstall-Package: Remove a package from the system.
  13. Unregister-PackageSource: Remove a package source from the list of available sources.

What are the Key Features of PackageManagement Module

PackageManagement modules provide a number of cmdlets that can be used to manage software packages. Here are some of the benefits of using the PackageManagement module.

  • Unified Interface: It provides a unified interface for managing software packages from a variety of sources.
  • Package Discovery: You can use the PackageManagement module to search for packages across multiple repositories and providers.
  • Installation and Uninstallation: The PackageManagement module provides cmdlets that can simplify the process of installation and uninstallation of packages.
  • Repository Management: The PackageManagement module provides cmdlets that allow you to manage package sources and repositories.

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I hope the above article on the PackageManagement module in PowerShell is helpful to you.

PackageManagement provides a unified interface, package discovery, support for multiple package managers, and integration with repositories making it a valuable tool for system administrators and developers.

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