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The Get-MsolPartnerContact cmdlet in PowerShell gets a list of contracts for a partner in Microsoft Office 365. This command should only be used by partners.

The syntax to get a list of contracts for a tenant in Office 365 is given below.

   [-DomainName <String>]
   [-SearchKey <PartnerContractSearchKey>]
   [-MaxResults <Int32>]
   [-TenantId <Guid>]

In this article, we will discuss how to use the Get-MsolPartnerContract cmdlet in PowerShell to get a list of contracts for a partner.

How to Get a List of Contracts for a Tenant in Office 365

To get a contract for the tenant in Office 365, use the Get-MsolPartnerContract cmdlet with the -DomainName parameter. The -DomainName parameter is used to specify the domain to look up. The domain must be verified for the tenant.

If the company exists and a partner has access to this company, the Get-MsolParterContract cmdlet returns the corresponding contract.

Get-MsolPartnerContract -DomainName "shellgekk.com"

This command returns the contract for the tenant owning the domain โ€œshellgeek.comโ€œ.


I hope the above article on how to get the list of contracts for the partner using the Get-MsolPartnerContract cmdlet is helpful to you.

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